About Me

I am a word-nerd with a special fondness for Shakespeare’s Sonnets and reading dictionaries for fun. I fix every typo I encounter – mostly in my head because I want to keep my friends! As a French child living in Montreal, I was lucky to attend schools with a European curriculum that focused on writing, spelling, grammatical analysis, and parsing – which I loved – as well as some Latin and a dash of Ancient Greek. At 13, I was sent to an English High School and it was sink or swim; I became fluent in about three months and kept up my English by translating the lyrics of all my favourite bands! 

In my early 20s, I fell in love with Canada’s West Coast and relocated to gorgeous British Columbia where I deepened my relationship with the English language. This led me to pursue an English and Translation degree. I first worked on an English Major at the Thompson River University and in 2003, I graduated with honours from the Translation program at Concordia University after passing my Associate Certification with STIBC (Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia) in 2001. I have been freelancing ever since and have garnered a varied experience with both technical and literary/journalistic material.

I currently reside in Edmonton where I keep warm in the winter by drinking a lot of coffee and cuddling with my cat Alfons. When I am not indulging my word-nerdiness, I spend time on my other passions: digital art and photography.