French/English – English/French

I came to work in language through happenstance; people hearing about the fact that I spoke French and asking me to translate a letter or a document. And then the passion came… I chose to test my abilities and became an associate member of STIBC (Society of Translator and Interpreters of British Columbia) in 2001 and chose to deepen my skills by returning to university to study English literature, prose and grammar as well as translation. Here you will find more information on my services and some samples of my work.

Translated material include: legal correspondence, food and cosmetics labels, marketing material, Taoist medical and philosophical texts, news articles, website content, touristic brochures, technical and user guides/manuals, software content, and literary works – I especially love translating dialogue, plays and scripts!


Unagi – French to English – short story by Dominique Fortier: Unagi
Le Prince de Miguasha – French to English – play by Serge Lamothe: The Prince of Miguasha
Tarquimpol (excerpt) – French to English – novel by Serge Lamothe: Tarquimpol
Occupy Love – English to French – subtitles for a documentary by Velcrow Ripper: Occupy Love
Being 2.0 – French to English – book by Razique Mahroua: Being 2.0

Copy Editing

Copy edited materials include cover letters, biographies, website content, magazine articles, university essays and dissertations, educational material, policies and procedures, self-help books and much more!


Cycling For Everyone – article by John Pucher for Momentum Magazine: Cycling for Everyone
Emancipation Through Creation – Master’s Dissertation by Jennifer Maksymetz: Emancipation Through Creation
Être 2.0 – original version of Being 2.0 that I also translated – link to the listing: Being 2.0


I have ghostwritten three self-help & entrepreneurial books for a motivational speaker and global entrepreneur but I cannot disclose any details due to the confidential nature of the work. I can say, however, that I have received positive feedback on my ability to tap into her unique voice. I believe that the ability to vanish from the text as much as possible when I am writing for someone else is a benefit that transfers from my translation experience. If you have a book project but feel you lack the skill to translate it to paper, I would be happy to have a free consultation to see if I could be a good fit for you and help you manifest your dream.