Robert Proudfoot 
Author and Member of the Writer’s Guild of Alberta

“I have appreciated and enjoyed Paloma Vita’s support as editor and formatter of my draft novel Come By Here, My Lord. Paloma worked with me for approximately 1.5 years, during which time she insightfully and skillfully reviewed, edited, and formatted the 58 Chapters and approximately 2,400 pages that currently comprise Come By Here, My Lord. She offered many proposed revisions as well as comments to shorten and tighten up the manuscript, better develop the characters, and polish up some of the rough edges of language and scenes, while staying true to my plot and setting. Ms. Vita also suggested that I keep better track of the timeline and itemize it by chapter. She provided many insights as a critical reader, but left the final decision up to me as the author as to how I wished to make changes that would improve the quality of the novel. We communicated by email and in person, as Paloma worked on three to five chapters per month, and encouraged my responses. I felt like we positively collaborated in refining a better product from mark-up to potential publishing stages. I heartily endorse Paloma Vita as a professional copy editor to other writers; I hope to work with her again on future literary projects.”

Razique Mahroua*
Author – Being 2.0

“I am very happy to have worked with Paloma, who has assisted in my project from beginning to end. Her editing work has been of a very high quality, and has helped me improve my manuscript – without which, it would not have attained the quality it has reached. Paloma Vita has also assisted me with her translation work, with which I have been more than satisfied. Her mastery of language is self-evident. Thanks again for the awesome job; I recommend her services without any hesitation.”

Terry Lowe
Editor at MOMENTUM Magazine

“Paloma Vita has been copy editing Momentum Magazine since early 2007, on a voluntary basis. Our magazine is about bicycles, the people who ride them, and the culture we inhabit. Paloma, being a cyclist herself, seemed a natural fit. We soon found that Paloma is a wizard at copy editing, and thereafter could not believe our luck at finding her. She can take a hastily-written sentence, change a word or two here, another there, and that sentence suddenly pops into focus, and its correct meaning appears. In this, her instinct is unerring, her vocabulary wide-ranging, and her knowledge of English grammar much better than my own. She catches punctuation errors and verb tense inaccuracies that I miss; her fluency in French and Spanish enhances our travel articles; and her turnaround time is remarkably fast. She has performed this duty to our complete satisfaction.”

Shirine Saad

“Your translations are really, really good! Again, I am glad I found you. Thank you for the great work and the kindness. My main comment for the translations is that the meaning is very well understood and translated, and the writing is very elegant. Thank you for the great job! I am very satisfied with all the translations and editing… I am keeping your contacts preciously and am looking forward to our next collaboration. I will also tell the VOIR and HOUR teams about your brilliant skills.”

Terri Tibbs 

“Paloma recently assisted me in editing a book that I had authored. She was amazing. She had the uncanny ability and creativity to translate and polish my words into something very rich and meaningful. She was easy to work with and most accommodating. I highly recommend Paloma for any projects that you need help with.”

Sarah Ripplinger
Editor-in-chief MOMENTUM Magazine

“Paloma Vita worked as Momentum Magazine’s copy editor for several years. I oversaw her work for over a year and was impressed with her flexibility, accuracy and attention to detail. She was easy to work with, provided me with updates on her progress and submitted her work to me on or before the deadline. It was a pleasure to work with Paloma and I would certainly recommend her work.”

Deborah Gabbert
Owner/Operator at Rex-Treks

“Paloma Vita is one of those people who inspires and evokes creativity in others. She intuitively brings out the best in others, as a ghost-writer and copy editor, helping author’s find and release their “voice” for the audience they seek to reach. Along with her creative, out-of-the-box spirit, she is also detail and deadline oriented, working diligently to meet or exceed the established project time-line. Thank you Paloma, for all you contributed to the success of others and your willingness to go beyond what was expected to what was truly necessary and waiting to happen.”

Shellie Hunt
CEO/Founder at Success is by Design LLC

“Paloma has worked for our company on many projects and numerous books for our clients. She is always reliable, personable, and works with high integrity. All of our clients have been thrilled and I as a CEO love that she goes above and beyond with everything she does! I highly recommend her! She is an A+ for any project!”

Amy Walker
Editor-in-Chief at Momentum Magazine

“Paloma is a Godsend. Her work is always precise and thorough – and she surprises us by bringing our attention to all kinds of details we would otherwise miss. In short, Paloma helps us to achieve a greater level of professionalism and style and she regularly goes beyond the call of duty to check facts in articles. We love Paloma! It is a joy to work with such an intelligent and positive person.”

Joseph Gilland
Visual Effects Director, Author

“Paloma wrote translations for me on several occasions, when I was the head of the animation program at the Vancouver Film School. Her work was always perfect, delivered on time, and at a very reasonable rate. I cannot recommend Paloma highly enough, as a creative, responsible and highly professional translator.”

David Matichuk
President at AXIMA Group

“Paloma Vita is a fireball. I am usually careful not to hire people who are so bubbly and social as I generally find that energy to be a distraction in an office environment, however Paloma’s energy was inspiring to everyone. I noticed a clear increase in productivity in everyone who worked with her, partially as a result of her positive attitude, her inspired outlook, and her dedication to being exceptional at everything she does. Paloma has always demonstrated a determination to see every job through to completion. Some jobs were a long shot even for me and I never fully expected they were even possible, however she always impressed me with her results. She has a fine attention to detail and her writing and language talents are more than impressive. Come to think of it, I’ve probably benefited most from her writing and editing. She’ll probably want to edit this recommendation. I appreciated how easy it was to introduce Paloma to new projects because she’s a quick learner and she has great interpersonal skills. She’s capable of fitting in to any environment and is able to see through conflict to find a quick resolution. I will continue to hire Paloma at every opportunity, when the distance is not a barrier. I am proud to recommend Paloma Vita as I am confident every company she works with will be as pleased as I am.”

* translated from French